Sunday, May 17, 2009

She'll be back . . .

. . . I know - because she left her shoes

Deb has flown back home to Texas. What a perfect Mother's day week. we laughed, created, ate & drank wine. We dyed wool and stamped paint on fabrics. We shopped thrift stores and made 50 cent skirts. We walked on the beach.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Almost complete kitchen

It's done! Except for the floor. I LOVE it - it's brighter and has more room.

Weathered art bundle

I have made a random object bundle of "stuff" to weather in my yard for a month.

First the bundle open, And then, hanging on the fence.

It contains a rock, two shells, a sample of countertop, some basket reed and fibers, a couple of oleander blossoms, rusty nails and a piece of driftwood. It is wrapped in a paint rag and enclosed in a plastic mesh bag. I'll open it next month & see what time and the weather has done.