Saturday, August 30, 2008

Knice Knew Knees!

Here's my something new, for May - July! Knees. Both were replaced, one in May and one in July. The ugly compression stockings got so boring, I just had to draw lizards & flowers on them.


My daughter sent this quote:

"...The sickest people in my medical practice were artists who were notpracticing their art. Actively resuming their artwork/creative outlet was aprescription that always improved the situation."

So - I realized I could cure my own bad mood and ease my impatience with the healing process after my knee surgery by getting to work!

Here's the result! A Jumble of Scrumbles

Then I assembled two squares for an online swap in a freeform crochet swap:

This was FUN - it got me going again! So, back to my yarn stash to see what happens next.